Heather Dubrow's Home Will Include a Champagne Doorbell (Yes, You Read That Correctly)

Get the latest details on the #RHOC star's home renovation.

Slowly but surely, Heather Dubrow's #DubrowChateau is coming together. And it sounds like the home is getting something that only the Real Housewives of Orange County mom can really, truly appreciate: a doorbell for champagne. We'll let her explain.

“You know those little, it looks like a doorbell and it says ‘Press for Champagne’? I’m putting that in the house, but it actually rings in the kitchen," she told Yahoo's The Insider. "Terry goes, 'What do you need that button for? What's it going to do?' I go, 'It's going to ring in the kitchen.' He goes, 'Is that like my cue?' I go, 'Yes!' Now I just have to think about what the actual ring is.”

Think that's extravagant? Well, the woman behind Collette Champagne has upped the ante in terms of home decorations. "For my birthday this year, I saw this wire Chanel shopping basket... And I thought it was so cute. And then I saw the price and I'm like alright, forget about it. And then for my birthday, I guess Terry took the kids shopping and they went in and it was in the store and one of my kids remembered... I'm putting it in the kitchen. I'm going to put baguettes [in it]. It's so cute! Its the most ridiculous thing ever, I know. I love it."

Below, Heather gives a tour of the home in progress. 

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