Padma Lakshmi Wants to See Top Chef Take This Culinary Turn, But "Everybody Looks at Me like I'm Crazy"

The Bravo's Top Chef judge might be onto something here. 

Bravo's Top Chef Season 16, which premieres Dec. 6 at 9/8 c., is set in Kentucky. We're sensing that some meaty barbecue might be featured on the new season — yeah, just a hunch. But if Padma Lakshmi had her way, there would be more beets than brisket in the mix. 

Chatting with Us Weekly recently, the judge said, "I would really like to do more vegetarian or vegan recipes. I keep trying to propose, ‘Let’s do a whole vegetarian season’ and everybody looks at me like I’m crazy. Like, I’m on some other planet because this is America and we know that meat and potatoes are the heart of any table, but I persist about it.”

Hey, Padma may be onto something here. Not only did a vegetarian recipe she recently posted gain major traction, with fans eagerly making and posting their own spins on a peanut-butter-and-pomegranate sandwich, but plenty of foodies are curious about going vegan. Just look at Bethenny Frankel

So for the record, if there's ever a Top Veg marathon, we're totally in.  

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